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Learn What It Takes To Gain Top SEO Rankings And Be Labeled As An "Authority Site" By Major Search Engines, Without Big Investments &
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Does It Seem Like Creating A High Traffic Site Is Only Possible For The "Big Guru's"?

Have you tried creating a website once or maybe even more than once only to have it not make a dime?

Do you follow the "systems" out there to a "T" and still not achieve any of the results that you were promised?

Would you like a way to create a site that doesn't involve creating tons of products before you actually make some money?

If so, this what you are about to read is going to give you a plan for doing just that and best of all, with Web 2.0 style!

Carrie Clark
Tuesday 11:06 AM

Dear Friend,

The reason that you are here is because you want to learn how to create a website that gets tons of free traffic.

We both know that the first step is to create a site with good content that gets people interested enough to visit your site and stay for a while;  A content site.

There are so many courses out there that promise to teach you how to create a content site and generate traffic but the truth is, most of them fail to deliver.

And that's not just build up, most of them really don't work and the ones that do work usually require that you invest a ridiculous amount of money up front or even hire people.

Pretty daunting when you think about, isn't it?

But the truth is, this has all changed due to...

The Web 2.0 Super Tech Phenomenon...

Unless you've been under a rock, you have certainly heard the term Web 2.0.

There are hundreds of sites that open up something called the "social factor" that allow real visitors to see your site and judge it.

This can be by book marking it socially, blogging about it socially, posting it on a social networking site, etc.  These are all Web 2.0 sites and services.

These sites have quickly become the standard in judging, rating and sharing information and websites on the Internet.

And just to clarify, when I said "super tech", I didn't mean it was complicated.  It's actually super easy and all the "complicated" stuff happens behind the scenes so you don't have to worry about it!

The search engines have also taken heed to the Web 2.0 and Social rush and are actually increasing the rankings of sites that are bookmarked, blogged and talked about on social networks.

This is because search engines like Google know that Web 2.0 and social networking are the way of the future and the way the Internet is headed as a whole.

The best part about the whole Web 2.0 phenomenon is that...


You Can Get Tons Of Targeted Traffic Without
Huge Advertising Budgets & Without Complication!


The Web 2.0 rush has really leveled the playing field for people like you and I who don't have unlimited ad budgets like other big companies.

This means that you can get just as much traffic as them, even more in some cases, just by using Web 2.0 as a way of marketing your business.

You can also get other people to create your content for you automatically which is absolutely amazing and a huge time saver.

Social networks have made it possible for "the people" to vote on your site and have their opinion heard by not only you but also by the search engines.

This is incredible!

So if you have content that people are interested in, the social nature of the Internet now allows them to vote on it, comment on it and share it with their friends in a way that makes the search engines take notice!

This means tons of traffic for you, high search engine rankings and a site that the search engines put up on their "high list" of quality sites.

Eventually, with enough positive social feedback, you will obtain the coveted title of "Authority Site" which will boost your traffic into super drive.

I'm talking about traffic that will make you upgrade your servers here!

Create A Content Site Effortlessly While Using Web 2.0 Ninja Moves To Generate Tens Of Thousands Of Visitors EVERY Month!

Earn Authority Site Status Without The Expense Or Headache!


  • Own A Site That Gets More Traffic Than You Could Ever Imagine!

  • Become The Top Ranked Site In Your Market By Google!

  • Get More Traffic For Free Than The "Big Companies" Who Pay!

How To Build And Profit From Authority Sites Will Show You The Way...

I would like to introduce to you an incredible new book called "How To Build And Profit From Authority Sites".  This book has just been released and is completely unique.

There is nothing like it on the market!

You will learn the "up to the minute" strategies for creating content sites effortlessly and managing them.

You will learn how to leverage and capitalize on all of the best Web 2.0 web properties for maximum exposure and traffic.

I'm talking about strategies that will allow you to start generating traffic to your site immediately!

You can start generating Adsense income, advertising revenue and affiliate sales with your content site right away.

Are You Ready To Have Your Very Own Authority Site That Gains
You Recognition, Net Fame And Best Of All Tons Of Traffic & Cash?

I love your new product "How To Build And Profit From Authority Sites" and I have seen substantial increases in my traffic and profits as a result of using it.

I really think How To Build And Profit From Authority Sites is one of the best products on the market!

Congratulations and Keep Up The Great Work!

Sean Steeple,
Sugarland, Texas

"Can A Regular Joe Or Jane Really Create A Highly Trafficked Content Site That Earns The Title Of Authority Site?"...

And the short answer is yes!

Until now, this hasn't been the case.  It's always required the hiring of programmers, outsourcers and content writers just to get your site up on the web.  This alone cost thousands of dollars.

On top of that, without the strategies in "How To Build And Profit From Authority Sites", you would also have had to hire an SEO firm to do the optimization for your site so that you can get search engine traffic.  Were talking several thousand more dollars here.

But here's the good news...

Through the use of "little known" and FREE technology you can create a content rich site that looks super professional and also generate tons of highly targeted traffic to it!

And I'm not just talking a little bit of traffic!

The best part is that these tools are extremely easy to use and most of them have full communities of people waiting to help you (again for free!).

Combine these new tools with the shortcuts, secrets and strategies in "How To Build And Profit From Authority Sites" and creating a highly trafficked content site is down right easy!

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What Does How To Build And Profit From Authority Sites Cover?

Here's just some of what you'll be learning...

  • Easy Content Creation - This chapter is going to show you how to create content easily without the stress.  And for all of you who hate writing, this chapter will also show you tons of ways to get content that's unique to your site without writing!

  • Content Management Secrets - This chapter is incredible.  You are going to learn how you can set your site up once and after that, you can add rich new content to your website that looks superb without messing with any HTML after that initial setup!  Talk about a time and stress saver!

  • Auto SEO - In this chapter you will learn how to setup your site to automatically optimize all of your content for the search engines.  Remember when I told you it costed thousands of dollars to hire an SEO firm?  Now you don't need them and you still enjoy all of the benefits!

  • Social Blogging - Blogging is huge but also becoming saturated.  In this chapter you are going to learn how to push your blog through the crowd and become noticed and highly ranked in the search engines Web 2.0 style!

  • Web 2.0 Gems - This chapter could be sold as a product all by itself.  You are going to learn all of the best Web 2.0 properties that you can use for getting noticed.  This list has taken years of testing and tweaking to create and is worth it's weight in gold!

  • Tactical Traffic Tricks - This is where the rubber meets the road and you learn how to leverage as many Web 2.0 strategies as possible for maximum traffic.  This chapter makes it easy to understand and fast to pull off!

How To Build And Profit From Authority Sites is available for instant download 24 hours a day.  If you order now, you will be downloading your book in just a few seconds.  Get moving!

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Your Satisfaction Is Absolutely Guaranteed!

My Personal 100% Satisfaction Guarantee To You..

Let Me Protect Your Investment...

I have no doubt that if you just grab your copy and put it to use, you will see a huge upward shift in your online profits.

But I also want you to know that you AND your investment are safe.

So here's what I'm going to do for you...

After you download your copy, open it up and use it.  See if it works and helps you get the traffic and email leads I say it will.

If my ideas don't work for you after 60 days, let me know because I want to put your money back in your pocket.

I believe in giving people what they paid for so if you don't honestly feel that you could write me an honestly glowing testimonial after 60 days, I want to give back your money.

And frankly, I'm a stand up person, if you just didn't have time to put the ideas to use, tell me and I'll gladly issue you a refund.

Could I possibly be any more accommodating?

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Carrie Clark

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Inga Troulez,


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